#trpplffct | poetry podcast

In #trpplffct | poetry podcast we speak with poets about their work and all things poetry.

For chapter 15 of your poetry podcast, we travel to America and speak with James about the American sonnet. Listen now!
In part 2, chapter 14 of your poetry podcast, we continue or conversation with Larissa and Kelly, the poets behind Poetry Trapper Keeper. Listen now.
In Chapter 13 of your poetry podcast we speak about editing, connections forged through poetry and a lost life. Listen now!
In Chapter 12 of our podcast we have a special treat: a team of poets working together half a world apart, making exciting and colourful poetry. Listen…
In chapter 11 of #trpplffct | your poetry podcast, we speak with multi-lingual poet Raffaella about culture, the power of understanding the other and…
In this chapter, we speak to Samantha about the importance of communities, inspiration and challenging through prompts. Listen now!
In  chapter 9 of your #poetry podcast we speak to Jazz, AKA @Straatgedichtje, who uses the street as her canvas. Listen, like, share!
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