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#trpplffct, what is that?

This publication is called #trpplffct, short for The Tripple Effect. I started a publication with that name on a different platform, then moved it to here. The name refers to the three forces that make poetry what it is: the poet, the poem and the reader. I believe that as a poet, I share my view of the world in a poem. You, as the reader, bring your experiences, personality, unique point of view with you when you read the poem. Then the poem gets its meaning for you. So, with every reader, the poem takes on a slightly different form. Together, we make magic happen.

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There’s also a reference to ripple in the name. With my poems, and through sharing the work of other poets, I hope to create small ripples, that help people see the world from a different perspective. Seeing other perspectives helps in understanding the other. In that way, these ripples help incubate empathy. In an increasingly polarising world, empathy is increasingly important for all of us.

I like to refer to this as the #trpplffct, the effect when sharing and seeing another’s point of view, helps you to care more for others. And I hope my poems are one way of creating that effect. I predominantly write tritriplicata poems, a poetic form I created myself with the purpose of spreading empathy. Read more about that format in the ultimate tritriplicata faq.


This inbox poetry magazine aims to spread empathy through poetry. Poetry from the founder, Arjan Tupan, but also from other poets. The ambition is to pay these poets for their work, so in 2022 we will open up for submissions. But we need your help. We will never collect and sell your personal data. Fortunately, there are other ways you can support us. First of all, by buying us coffee. Another way is to collect NFT poetry by founder Arjan Tupan. So, if you have some crypto, follow the links in his profile to find his NFTs. In the future, we will release a subscription plan, too.

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We speak panglish

Now, when you read this magazine, you might think it’s written is occasionally faulty or weird English. That is correct. It’s written in panglish. That is the international version of English that mixes the language rules of the different formal English versions out there, with sentence structures, punctuation and word choices of other languages, like Dutch, German and French.

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