Very nice, I love poetry, life breathes through it ....

Friendly regards from Nicaragua, heavily sanctioned, where I scrape by at the Gates of Hell, the Masaya Volcano, at the very bleeding heart of Central America. Hell, sweet hell, err, home. I meant home, sweet hell!


I have decided to chime in with something transcendentally relevant. Enjoy, you do not have to pledge anything, my efforts are always free.

Left to my own devices and salivating in the tropical scorcher, in the erupting drought season, the promised $20 bill of rights rain has not even started yet for me here on Subtract. It seems like nobody´s gold pennies can reach my flying BullShip skyhigh. Yet I stay working Job, patience is my virtue upon the rack, tried, drawn, and quartered as vice driven through the rusty nails of my faith .... until I, one-armed, cannot carry my heavy cross anymore.

Substack is the greatest platform where I can share my massive varied witing stuff. I have quite a few posts already here with 60 subscribers and growing every day as people are finally noticing my stranded S.O.S. sign on the beach! Thank God, thanks to you good people. God bless you!






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Thank you Arjun!! for sharing my Trigger Play poem, you are the best audience :) and I loved the A. D. Mr. Wendal video. Yes, important lyrics delivered with an open hand regarding humanity, art can get through when little else can, boy do we need it. hugs, K

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That Arrested Development song is one of my favourites! I had their cd and played it on repeat for several years. Thanks for reminding me of it 💖

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" ... ink fractalizing / into fibers." is excellent. Real closeup on what's happening. Sometimes I think only the tritriplicata form could find that image.

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